Time management

Sometimes I wonder if there are enough hours in the day.  I am sitting in front of my screen, knowing that I need to be working, but have actually been killing time on Facebook. They have an addicting little game called Scramble that I play with my friend Melanie. It’s a fight to the finish to see who can find the most words in three minutes.

What I need to be doing is character development today. I also need to be working on queries.  The thing is, I have no desire to do it today. I do, but I also have more housework that I care to think about and I need to meal plan so that I can go to the grocery store this evening. Needless to say, I am a little preoccupied.

I think that I am going to take some time today to do some free writing. Just sit down with a notebook, pen, and a cup of green tea. Go with the flow and see what ideas pour out of me. Sometimes, that is where I get my best ideas. I also get the most amazing stories when I meditate. It is like the universe has opened up and sent an idea, just when I need it.

I am also pitching my second ever article this weekend. The first article I ever wrote was picked up by a regional magazine and then they shut down and reopened. Such is life. I need to find out if it was ever published and if not, I need to pitch it again. Or do they still have rights to it? Another thing on my growing to-do list. Send them an inquiry.

It’s amazing at how writing about writing starts my juices flowing. I need to get busy, so I shall bid adieu.


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