I am editing today. This makes for a long day and I am trying to get through it without pulling my hair out.  It’s a children’s picture book, short and simple. I think the shorter the work,the harder it is to make good, concise edits. There isn’t as much to work with. When you take out 5 sentences, you are losing an entire page. When you add to it, you have to see if it is uniform with the rest of the book. I am rambling, but sometimes you just have to.

The good news is that one of my dearest girlfriends is friends with an illustrator who works for Hallmark. She does amazing work and she is going to help me make that connection. I know that publishers will provide the illustrator, however I can envision my characters and I feel that her illustration style matches my character vision.  All in all a good thing. Now, I just have to talk to her, see if she’s interested and go from there. Oh, and finish the manuscript. If she is interested, it is definitely a good thing. If not, I send it in anyway. My goal is:

Unfinished-Send out in two weeks. Keep on hand for the spring conference and keep working on my other projects as well.

I just looked back over this posting, but I am not editing it for content today. I will just let it run and ramble, like my brain is right now. 



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