Necessary Research

Last night was a late night for me. I am feeling the effects of it today. I didn’t get any writing done per se, however the research I did will prove invaluable.  My research efforts included going through my Children’s Writers Market and reading the entire listing of every single book publisher. I then highlighted the ones that were relevant and went to the back and highlighted them in the index for easier reference.  I noted types of books they look at, whether they accept queries, just the manuscript, or queries and manuscripts simultaneously.

I actually feel better. My next step is to read the writers guidelines on the publishers websites. If they aren’t posted, I will be sending out letters tonight and tomorrow requesting the information along with their catalogs of publications. After I make a listing of books that might be relevant to mine, I will head over to the library, see if they have them, read them and check out the “fit”.  From there, I will compare my notes about the already published books and the ones I have written and decide on who to send them out to.

That’s about it today. I have a lot on my to-do list and times “a-wastin”.


One thought on “Necessary Research

  1. Lisa-
    I love your blog and I completely identify with this post. I have done exactly what you’ve done but I used to get very frustrated staying up late to deal with all the tedious methods necessary to send out work. My partner John and I just started a website called designed to help writers get their brilliance out to the world with ease. We’re the first website to take care of the WHOLE process of writing and submitting work.

    With WordHustler, you upload your projects, search markets you want to submit to, and voila! We print and ship your work for you. You can send projects to over 3,500 agents, publishers, contests, and publications. It’s easy to track all of your submissions using WordHustler’s organized tracking system and we cost less than printing and shipping everything yourself. Our database and membership are FREE. Most importantly, WordHustler saves you time so you can do what you’re supposed to be doing: WRITING.

    We’d love you to take a look and tell us what you think:

    Best, Anne Walls

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