Have you ever tried writing the blues?

Neither have I, but in order to complete one of my stories I have to write the blues. Now, let me tell you about the blues. The blues are inordinately simple, but when you are sitting down and you are not a musician who has been playing the blues, nor a person who listens faithfully to the blues, things tend to get difficult. I also realize that the last sentence was horribly written, pardon me. I just feel like rambling.

Rambling isn’t a bad thing…when I start to ramble, especially when writing, I come up with some great stuff. Free-writing is more beneficial at times than anything else. I just sit, start scribbling and I usually pull something new out of my head…or get a new look at an old subject. 

So today, I am streaming the blues online, getting the feel for the rhyme and the rhythm. If I get the feel of that…I can incorporate it more appropriately. That’s important to me. Not only do I want the manuscript to flow well, but I want it to be musically accurate.

Otherwise, life is good. I am making loads of progress. I checked out 7 boosk from the library today for research and later tonight will sit down with a cup of tea, read, and take notes. I love that part. Research. I am one of those geeks who loves finding out new information and generally overloading my brain trying to absorb it all.

Happy days to everyone. I am out of here to tire my fingers in the pursuit of creativity!


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