Inspiration, coffee, lunch and a little art.

Sometimes, inspiration comes from the most unlikely sources. I had a few hours all alone today in my local booksellers. My husband and son were off to see the Clone Wars and I chose to spend my time reading and checking out new releases. I should also mention that I spent time with a delicious blueberry scone and cup of coffee.  I also enjoyed the chance to people watch. The coffee shop of my bookshop is on the second floor. It’s optimal as you can view the entire store. You see who is going into what section, what they are picking up and reading and their reactions. You can call it voyeurism. I call it a fascinating look at the literary world away from sales charts and best sellers lists.

This birds eye view also gave me something else…perspective. I was able to see how others lived in daily life, without being in their lives. I saw what they would glance over and go back to for a longer look. While I was doing this, I was trying to voice what they were thinking. “Do I really need this Zagat guide when I am trying to lose weight? What’s the likelihood that my kids will find this book about spicing up our sex lives? Do my kids really need another book about animals?” It goes on and on, deeper and deeper.   

On a lighter note, after I got all jacked up on caffeine, we went out to lunch at one of my favorite places, Zada Janes. It’s a funky little diner painted in vibrant colors and so ultra retro and hip. I love it. In fact, I will share a picture of the art work above my table that I snapped with my mobile phone.

Zada Janes
Zada Janes

Afterwards, we cruised over to the Mint Museum of Art, however by the time we arrived they had closed and appeared to be preparing for a function. However, I am glad I stopped by as they have a new exhibit starting October 4th: Andy Warhol Portfolios, Life and Legends. There is to be approximately 60 selections from various portfolios and I can’t wait. I love the Pop Art Movement and these selections will be stellar.

Andy Warhol Portolios at Mint Museum of Art, Charlotte, NC
Andy Warhol Portolios at Mint Museum of Art, Charlotte, NC

It’s been a great day. I wrote for two hours. I say that like it’s an afterthought, but it’s not. I didn’t plan on writing, but went prepared in case inspiration struck. It did and I am happy that I came prepped and ready to listen to my muse. She spoke, I listened and in the process filled page after page. It was wonderful.


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