The NaNoWriMo contest commences November 1st. It’s a writers chance to sit down, turn off their self-editor and write 50,000 words in 30 days. Well, technically, it’s a novella. But it means that what comes out of you has to be pure. I have stated many times that my self-editor is my worst enemy. It makes my writing stilted and forced. That is why I have made this choice. The only thing I am going to do to get my bases together is to think of what I am going to write and maybe outline it. That is perfectly legal. But, I am not going to really fool with it until sometime in October.

I am sitting here and trying to think of what describes my feelings about this contest. For me, it’s LUNACY. Seriously. It’s November. My in-laws generally visit for Thanksgiving and as they leave on Thanksgiving day, I cook Thanksgiving for them the day before and for my grandparents and the rest of my extended family the day of. I am just going to have make plenty of counter-top space wherever I am. If you have watched the movie “The Doors”, there is a scene where they all get stoned and let the turkey burn to a crisp. Now, imagine they aren’t stoned, just utterly stressed because they need to write 10k words in 4 days. That is how I am picturing it.  Smoke pouring out of the oven and everyone saying how great the ultra-crisp skin is. I wonder if they would believe it’s Cajun? I imagine I would have to provide gallons of gravy ….

This week, I am not writing unless I am hit with something full force. It’s the last week I have with my son before school starts back and we are getting ready to play Seuss-opoly. Monopoly for the Dr. Seuss crowd. I love it. He’s eight now, so I think that we are going to start playing Scrabble together. I think he would find it a lot of fun, especially if we can find his spelling words on our list.

Next week? It’s a different story. I am joining my local writers group and getting down to business in a general sense of things. Plus, I need to do some deep cleaning at home. That’s where I get some of my best ideas, while cleaning or in the shower. It’s a therapeutic rush of purification, which causes my mind to pour forth ideas. It’s great…unless you have shampoo in your hair and can’t jump out at that moment in time to scribble something down. Such is life.


One thought on “NaNoWriMo

  1. NaNoWriMo is fun. I tried it a couple years ago. Didn’t quite finish, but I got further in a book than I ever have before. I think I got over 35,000 words.

    Seuss-opoly sounds awesome. I love it!!! Is is the Whoville-opoly or it is the Cat In The Hat-opoly? I’ve never played either, but you’ve peaked my interest. I’ll have to check them out.

    Best of luck with your wonderful blog.


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