Organization is key

Organization is key when it comes to me doing some things. I am not talking about creating outlines, nor making sure that my sentence structure is organized well. It’s about my home. My office area looks like hell has hit it and that there may be no return.

There will be a return to normalcy though. Labor Day is going to mean just that. I am working on my space and getting it fixed the way I like it so that I don’t have to deal with *stuff*. The only thing I have to do is write.

I have several things that have been a work in progress. They are pressing on me and I have to get them taken care of. Writing is one, of course. Research is another. I am well on my way there. Getting back into a good routine. That’s final. I am not in a good sleep routine and it’s making my brain function non-existant. It’s also hindering my creativity. Therefore, I have more to work on. That’s ok, life is a work in progress.

That being said, it’s gone midnight here and it’s time for me to catch a few z’s.



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