Creating deadlines

I can be a very logical person. Trying to blend my creative streak with my logic has been difficult at times. Today, is one of those days. My current project is tackling autism. It’s an interesting subject and I have found that having to weave both worlds is testing me. The logical side is doing research and loving it. The creative side that weaves the words in a “tell-able” form is struggling.

I am a think-outside the box, let’s see how things look from all angles person. I am only thinking on one side today. Here’s to hoping tomorrow is a more creative day. My schedule is really full, but that is ok. I tend to work better when I am under stress.

I am trying to change that…the stress driving me deal. I want to be more relaxed as I write and flow more freely. Free flowing is a much better way in my opinion. I like to get a general idea of what I am going to tackle and then flow. A mind map. Mind maps are a creative way to think logically. Guess it is time to break out my Student Study Skills text book and refresh myself.

Other than my logic/creative tug-of-war, things are actually starting to pan out. I am hoping to be finished with my first book in two weeks. My writers group meets in two weeks as well. It will be nice to talk to other people who understand. Other writers.


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