Excited, yet nervous.

Well, I did it. I joined my local writers club. It’s a varied group of people. There are published authors, self-published authors and those us of slogging in the trenches. I don’t mind the trenches being my current state of residence. What I do mind is people not thinking I have anything to do just because I am “at home all day”. 

I still have a household to run. Volunteer activities-check. Committee’s to serve on. Check. Bills to pay. Check. Laundry. Check. After-school activities. Check. I could go on. I was working on my calendar one night and my husband was amazed at how much I actually have to do. It helps get their attention if you list everything. That way, they really start to get it. But they don’t, not really.

Yet again, I digress. I am nervous about my group. Nervous, yet excited all in the same sentence. It will be great meeting others with the same issues about what they do, how they do it. It will also be nice to get some perspective from others in the same boat. If I had to answer, when I attend next week, what is my biggest problem? I would probably say, actually sitting down and working without distractions. I know that they are unavoidable, but I am talking about distractions that are, well, self-imposed. Like checking my email for the 10th time in an hour…even though it automatically filters in. Social networking. It’s a blessing and a curse. I love it and have met great new people and reconnected with old friends and colleauges. Yet…it’s another time sucker.

I will be curious to hear what they have to say. Probably “turn off your wireless connection.”  I think that I have one better. It’s going to be cooling off soon and I am going to head outside, with nothing more than pen and paper. My writing actually flows much better with just pen and paper….maybe I should take my own advice.


One thought on “Excited, yet nervous.

  1. Congratulations on taking the next step toward your writing goals! I joined one three years ago and it led to me joining two other offshoots, both of which led to great writing opportunities and growth in my work. But the very best thing that came from joining that first writing group? New friends. I had no idea how big my social circle would expand. I hope your journey leads you wonderful places as well 🙂

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