Diddly Squat

That is exactly what I have gotten done the past two days. Diddly squat. Nothing, nada, nunca, zip. My husband calls it a great big goose egg. Why? It’s not for trying. I seem to be the person that everyone calls–because for some reason, they feel that I have gigantic “S” taped to the front of my bosoms and can do it all. I am not talking about really close friends, I am talking about people that aren’t close friends calling–acquaintances. 

I have advised for my dear friends on simple things…a couple of fragrances for a soap making business; my dear friend who is having confidence issues with her online store; and working with another friend about opening her own business. Oh and helping one that is going back to school at 15 years with her writing. These are the things I don’t mind. I love them and it hasn’t taken much of my time–time that I would have wasted in other areas.

However, over the last week, I seem to be the go-to person for random acquaintances. Need print correction, call Lisa. Need a .pdf unlocked and you don’t know how to right-click on properties? Call Lisa. Need someone to work on the calendar committee and you just happen to be standing right there in front of them? Call Lisa. I haven’t committed to the calendar deal yet for the school board…that’s a lot of time and my fall is going to be coming to a fast close before I know it.

So, again, to sum it all up: Diddly Squat. Well, maybe not complete diddly squat…I had a book idea that I had been tossing around mentally and it’s starting to play out mentally…enough that I had to email myself from my Blackberry today with ideas. I think it’s going to be a lovely young adult novel. Who knows? It could be another NaNoWriMo contender.

Tonight I am prioritizing for the rest of the week. It’s time to re-read the 7 Habit of Highly Effective People as well. Wish me luck!


My constant companion!
My constant companion!

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