Word Count

I noticed today as I was reading other blogs by writers that many of them include a daily word count. You know, that’s enough to make me scratch my chin and say hmmmm…..  So, that is one good way of holding myself accountable, by posting my actual word count.

I don’t feel like others will think I am as successful due to the fact that my genre is children’s and more specifically, children’s books. However, I am also a blogger: this page, my blog on the environment (which is woefully neglected right now), and my personal one that I haven’t made public. Do I add that to my word count? Or do I do two separate ones?

I do most of my writing in Word and then transfer over to my blogs, so the actual word count is easy to compile. But, I wonder, why do we place so much emphasis on said word count? I know that we have to get our work taken care of and that word count is a good way for us to see what we have accomplished. Word count is also a way of setting goals, so it makes sense.

Well, I am off to storyboard.  I have been using Microsoft’s One Note, but I think I like it my way, post it notes and a blank wall. It’s my canvas of multi-colored fun.

Blog Word Count–230


3 thoughts on “Word Count

  1. It does sound like your way is more fun than One Note might be.
    I think a lot of people do think in terms of ‘word count’ and for myself it is a really good way to know if I am putting in enough work – but then I’m writing novels and there are some large numbers to attain to. Children’s books do have smaller word counts, but they take some real skill to get the right words (I’ve tried my hand at a few children’s stories and it was heaps harder than I imagined! lol). Maybe there is another way that would keep you accountable? A better gauge of progress? I do find setting goals on a blog, having them out here on the web does make me more accountable and has helped me to keep on track with where I want to be.
    Good luck anyways 🙂

  2. The only time I’m focused on word count is during NaNo. I think I may have somewhere in the range of 60K but not really sure–most of that is chapters that I’ve already written and added to, nothing new in regards to the storyline.

    I try to focus on if I’m getting the story told and not so much with the count. But at the same time I don’t want my book to go overboard and be some 800 page monster. I’m like J.C.; I keep myself accountable by posting my goals on my blog and by having family get on my case to write 😛 I tend to struggle with the procrastination factor, but then a lot of writers I know do too…it’s a constant battle 😛

  3. You can always consider setting a time goal instead of a word count goal. Word counts are great for fiction (and I use it for that), but I find they don’t tell the tale of my non-fiction book. It is better for that project for me to record time or by sections. Just a thought.

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