Quick Update, WC 300

Today, I am flowing along pretty well.  I have written about 300 words, but that is in the process of editing and re-writing.  So, while my word count is up 300, that doesn’t count the number of words I actually took out and replaced.  It could be closer to 600.  However, my goal is not to make this scientific. It’s all about my accountability experiment.

Accountability. Websters defines accountability as:

Main Entry:
: the quality or state of being accountable ; especially : an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to accountfor one’s actions <public officials lacking accountability>
It’s something that I have put on a sticky note and posted beside my computer. It’s also placed on the heel pad of my laptop. Accountability. It keeps us moving forward and looking ahead. This six syllable word makes me slog away…even when I really just want to sit on my sofa and read or watch chick flicks.
So, my wish for everyone today is that they are able to increase their word count and remain accountable to themselves.

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