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Most of the writers that I converse with online are members of a critique group, a writing circle, etcetera. I have yet to find one of those groups in my area. We have a local writers club and I thought it would be more conducive to finding others in my “niche”, but I am still here and haven’t met anyone yet.

I have been perusing the boards at the SCBWI and haven’t found anything as of yet. But it’s still early and there is a wealth of information to dig through. I really need to email a few people and find out what there take is regarding the online groups. It’s easier in ways, because they don’t have to see the look your face and you don’t have to see theirs.  This is great if someone turns out to be highly emotional, not so great if they need the person to person communication. It’s also not personal against you when you are being critiqued. It’s all about the work and you can’t take it personally.

Did I mention that my procrastination seems to have kicked in full time and that I frustrated as all get out? It’s a bad, bad thing for me right now. I have so much I am trying to get done. Yet, that could be what is wrong. I have too much on my plate and my writing shall suffer because of it. /sigh

In other news, I have been tinkering with a new book idea and I am just trying to see if it’s something I want to come to fruition. Is it something that I am going to be passionate about? I don’t know yet. I am not even going to mention what type of book it is yet, since the idea is so new and fresh. It’s not that I am being stingy and trying to withhold, I just don’t want to commit myself publicly and then say “yeah, that’s not gonna happen.”

So, as I look it over, today’s blog is all about rambling. It’s a myriad of choices and I haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg. I think that one day I will just write down all of my thoughts as they come to me and post them. However, I might wind up horrified at my apparent ADD when it comes to said thoughts.

Happy Writing everyone, may your word count satisfy you and your muse speak to you at convenient times.


2 thoughts on “Critique Groups

  1. Thank you for your encouraging comment on my post…it’s one of those days I guess. I go back and forth like a pendulum questioning my job. Sometimes I tend to forget the good aspects, like how it’s flexible and how it really does give me a lot of time to focus on my book, since it’s only part-time.

    My younger sister is following the same path, pursuing an English degree. She’s nervous because she’s seen how it’s been for me, but I keep reminding her that things are the way they are because I got married a few months after graduation. I didn’t really have the choice to go to a big city like Chicago or NYC to pursue the publishing thing. She’s got more flexibility there. Not to mention she’s an amazing writer–at least when it comes to writing debates. I’ve told her she should be a speechwriter–she’s got the knack for it.

    Anyway I’m not regretting my choices in the slightest though–it’s just worked out differently than how I planned it (as life generally works, lol).

    Anyway, keep looking for that critique group–I managed to stumble upon mine during NaNo last year–the MLs who organized the write-ins were also in charge of a critique group, so I suppose I fell into it. If you lived in the Dayton, Ohio area, I’d tell you to come and join us!

    I also understand the ADD moments–I have those a lot…I think it’s a characteristic most writers have.

  2. Well…I might have an idea. I have this brand spanking new forum that isn’t even cracked yet. I am also looking for a critique/writer group. Would you and Dara be interested in perhaps seeing what we can cook up together? It’s hard to write in a vacuum, sometimes, or to get good feedback. The forum is just sitting there right now. I’d like to offer it for use.

    B J Keltz
    forum address:

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