Inspiration Oddities

There are days that I sit here worrying about my next bout of inspiration. I have an active imagination. Always have, always will. I have been working on a few things that I need to tie up and finish, but have been stuck on winding the projects down. It’s not the way I have been planning things. I really want to get them finished, so I can send them out and see what kind of feedback I receive.

That being said, last night while cooking dinner I received inspiration from tofu. That’s right, you heard it here, tofu. I was cooking stir fry while my son and husband were at jujitsu and as I sliced my tofu to start the process of marination, the idea hit me faster than the sting of the onions I was cooking in my wok!

I desecrated my grocery list, the school lunch calendar and two paper towels. It was an amazing feeling to have such pure creativity flowing out of me. I don’t know if it came because of the tears brought on by the onions or if it was the burst of confidence I needed.

To be quite honest, I haven’t been feeling that confident lately. This just gave me the push I needed. How much of a push? I wrote nearly 1,500 words in 20 minutes. Since I write children’s books and this is a picture book, I am nearly complete. I have to end it (which I am working on now) and edit. My husband was in love with it in rough form last night–which says a lot. He is a picky reader.

Who would have thought that a blob of tasteless soy curd could make my imagination and creativity flame into a full roaring fire? Not me, but never again will I ignore looking at the ordinary to find the extraordinary.


One thought on “Inspiration Oddities

  1. Isn’t it amazing where and when inspiration sometimes strikes us? I’ve had full blown articles, short stories, and even novel outlines appear while getting my teeth drilled, while sitting in a drive-thru, even while getting a lecture from my boss!

    I’m glad tofu brought you such a good story! One never knows. (As much as I loved the ideas that came while sitting in the dentist’s chair, I have decided to forgo that particular event for a while ;))

    B J Keltz

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