My sincerest apologies

What can I say? I needed a break. The urge to write has just not been there. However, I can feel it. It’s a buzzy feeling. One of tingling sensations that make my fingers itch and make me want to sit here and pour my heart out onto paper again. I can feel my creativity starting to stir.

It’s a marvelous feeling. 

To those who have been kind enough to inquire as to when I am coming back? Now seems like a good time. I am just going to write. There are no worries about publishing right now. This is a time to hone my craft. I am taking an English class this semester as a refresher and to help boost my creativity. I am also thinking of taking a class from the Gotham Writers.

Thank you for bearing with me and not forgetting me.

Much love, peace and happiness in the New Year and my wishes for everyone to have the gentle flow of creativity pour from their fingertips.



2 thoughts on “My sincerest apologies

  1. Everyone hits a wall once every so often. Writing is like running a marathon — it’s a long process, requires intense focus and training and comes with its own huge slab of brick that randomly stops you in your tracks (okay, so I’m guessing that’s what it’s like after watching Run Fatboy, Run — I’m not a marathoner by any stretch of the imagination). The important thing is getting past that wall. Now that you have, make sure you finish the race.

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