The Mind Of A Child

It’s hard getting into the mind of a child or a child like state when you have the pressures of adulthood bearing down on you. Paying bills, housework, laundry, errands, volunteer works, etc., can take away your “childish brain”.

The thing is, I have a child. An eight year-old son to be exact. He thinks and speaks like a 3o year old. I am amazed at his thought process. When you sit down to have a conversation with him, it’s not like you speaking to a child, but a miniature version of my husband.  When he started speaking, it was purely conversational and has always been a little weird. Yet he is the light of my life and wouldn’t have him any other way.

However, when you write for children, you must think like a child…or at least have a good idea as what and how they think. I think that was part of the issues causing my block. Immersing myself into a childlike state. I had to grow up fast when I was young and have no memory from ages 6-10. The only ones I have are the memories of elementary school and during the school day. I think it was my parents relationship and the abuse that occurred in it which has that time frame in my mind’s history blocked. *shrugs* Something to discuss with my therapist tomorrow. 

So, that is where I am. Finding my inner child and wanting to live in childhood again…if only in my writing.


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