Competitive Writing and other conundrums…

I have been thinking about competitive writing and wondering if it is something I should entertain. You have the NANOWRIMO competition every year and it seems like thousands of other small contests. What started this pattern of thought was the advertisement that I received for the Writers Digest Competition. They service my genre and if I were to win it would mean a trip to NYC as well as meetings with agents or editors. Now, I am not sure if I even write that well, but the thought of throwing my hat in the pool gives me goose bumps and makes my spine tingle. 

However, my conundrum is that while I started out as a children’s author, I feel that my genre is changing to a more adult oriented one. Can I successfully work with both? Do I want to work with both? What if I overwhelm myself to the point that I wind up royally blocked…again?

I guess that it’s time for me to look at priorities and not stress about what genre I am writing in for the time being. Right now, I seem to be doing a good job moving between both and as long as I feel that I am creating something that I am happy with, then no worries.

Only time will tell, but I feel that with time what comes more naturally will flow out of me. It will be organic, free and from my heart. Maybe I have already found the answer to my own conundrum.


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