Completion–or starting over?

I have two books near completion. What I don’t have is an ending that makes me happy for either of them. Do I let them sit longer and stew? Or do I sit on my deck and muse over them? 

Is it my fear that I won’t have another good idea? Maybe, but generally, once I get to where I am writing again every day the thoughts flow out of me. They are organic, pure and rapid. Like an icy cold stream flowing down a mountainside. It’s up to me to warm them and then mold these ideas into something that is pure bliss.

Pondering is always good. But too much pondering makes Jane a lazy girl. I need to get into my characters heads and listen to them. With the events of this year, I haven’t had time to hear myself think, let alone my characters.

I need to run a synopsis of this years events to everyone, but for now, I shall leave it to writing. When some of the pain subsides, I will share it with you. For now, I release my pain on pen and paper, not electronically.


One thought on “Completion–or starting over?


    i may not seem to know what you could have in the end but it’s matter of completion, seize the day, roam around to make you happy and that would be the day you could complete of what it’s near to be done.

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