The Finishing Touches

Have you ever gotten to a point in a book when the only thing you have to do is tie a few loose ends together? That is where I am at right now. Loose ends. Frankly, they have been known to drive me nuts on many different levels…

I have a few loose ends I am tying up. It’s more like cohesion and flow. Story arc. All of those things that when they go together well, make your story come to life.  I am breathing life into my story.  

How do I feel knowing I am going to be at this point soon? That the ultimate decision comes soon? When I send it out. I have wondered if I need to sit on it.  However, this one particular one I have been sitting on for 7 months due to my previously mentioned family issues. It’s what caused a massive rewrite for me. 

This entire post is so scattered and not very cohesive, but I guess it’s because I have so much on my mind. When will I get that first letter. What will it say. How will they react? 

I don’t know…but I tell you one thing, no matter what they say, I will read them with joy. I jumped over my fear and sent a book out. It’s a good feeling to know that time is almost here.


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