Writer’s Market

I love the Writer’s Market. If you aren’t a writer, you won’t understand. But there is something exciting about that box arriving knowing it contains a tome that is full of delicious goodies. I will make a pot of tea, break out my highlighter, sit down and find Nirvana…if only temporarily. 

This year I ordered the 2010 Writer’s Market and Children’s Market and anxiously await their arrival. The smell of fresh ink on paper. The heft of it’s weighty goodness. 


I am a writer…life is good.


8 thoughts on “Writer’s Market

  1. I use the Deluxe Edition which comes with online access. For me, it’s sitting quietly and reading through it. I read nearly every page and it fuels me even more when I do it.

    Having a personal staff working for me? Love it.

    1. You just have to keep going. It’s never easy and in the beginning, the pay is minimal. But you will build up. Just self-educate and keep plugging away!

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