Well, since your not doing anything…

The only thing I really wanted to say under this post was AARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!

I have been trying to get my writing schedule back on track. Not easy when you are receiving a million phone calls per day.  How many times have I heard “well, your just writing” or “it’s not like it’s that hard”.

How many times do we have these life interruptions as writers? The only people that do get it are other writers. If you tell them you are writing, I don’t care if they were just offered a six-figure advance after a bidding war, they aren’t going to disturb you and interrupt your groove.

I can’t turn my phones off due to my son being in school. But I think there is going to have to be an email sent out saying “I will be working during these times, please only call me if it’s a life or death emergency. Breaking a fingernail, needing to know a shoe repair person, or your highlights sucking do not qualify.”

Any ideas on how to handle this with grace and dignity with alienating everyone I know?


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