Biting the bullet.

I did it. I bit the bullet. Today, I submitted my first picture book to a literary agency. I still can’t believe that I finally did it. I have at least a dozen picture books that are essentially written. They just need editing and adjustment.

Why so many? Well, I just leave them alone. They need time away from me. I need time away from them. From my characters. I have to let them stew, develop, and then rest. I need the rest. When it is something that is so close to you–after all, it comes from you–it needs a break. I let this book in particular rest on and off for nearly a year.

What was my reasoning? Simple. I let it pour out of me, like water from a jug. It was fast, pure, clean and simple. It scares me. After I finally admitted that I truly wanted to be a writer and not play at it, ideas just came. When I admitted my passion, I cried.  Then, I prayed. It was simple. If I do the work, please help me with my idea stream. As long as I am working, the ideas keep pouring out of me. God works wonders.

Am I expecting much? For a first submission? I would love for it to be accepted. However, I am also a realist. Maybe I will receive good feedback from the agents, even if my book is not a good “fit” for them.  Constructive criticism can never hurt, as long as you realize that it is constructive.

That being said, I am off to take a walk. Clear my head and work on a PR campaign for a new non-profit that I am on the Board of Directors for. More about that later.


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