New territory

I feel like Lewis and Clarke right now. Exploring the wild yonder, venturing into unknown territory.  Why?  Because I have rough drafted a chapter book. Normally, I write early readers and picture books. So this is definitely a new direction for me.

The interesting thing is that it started out as a picture book and morphed. The more I wrote, the more the story needed and before long I had chapters. I now realize I need more details to fill it out, but they come at me fast and furious.  So, I scribble them down with whatever I have and stick them in a folder for the book. Then I work it into the appropriate sections.

Research is going to be key. Not for the subject matter, it’s fiction, so, it will be whatever I make it. But as far as how long it is supposed to be, how many chapters I need, how long should the chapters be? Since it’s for the 6-8 year old range, I am thinking about 2-3 pages per chapter.

Well, it looks like I have some reading to do, so I am off to my sons room to dig into the book shelves! Hard work, huh?photo_9175_20091029


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