Waiting Can Make You Insane

The title says it all. Waiting can make you feel like you are going insane.

Seriously, it can.

What is the wait about? The book that I sent on November 5th. I know it takes 3-4 months to hear back from said agent and that is why I have been kind of quiet on this end.


Because if I am not “thinking” about my writing, then maybe I won’t go bonkers wondering if it will come down to the 11th hour before they read it.

What am I expecting to hear back? I have no idea, but good (deal) or bad (rejection) I am okay with that. I will do just like Stephen King, put a nail in the wall, stick that piece of paper on it, and keep going. No one will ever tell me I can’t do it, because the only thing that I would ever let hold me back is well, me.

That’s not happening.

I shall remain here in my little corner of the world, listening to my characters as they speak to me and developing my craft.

After all, that’s what writing is all about, right?


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