Reading–Pleasure or Work?

For me, reading is a pleasure, even if it is for work. I read all the time, whether it is online, a book or a magazine. For me, reading is truly my greatest pleasure. I love to do nothing more than curl up in the corner of my sofa with a cup of hot tea or a glass of wine, break open a new book and delve into whatever goodies I have waiting on me.

Do I count my genre reading as that type of pleasurable reading? You betcha.  If I didn’t enjoy reading the books that I write about, then why am I writing them in the first place?

That’s the best part of my work, other than the actual writing. The reading.

It fills me with adventure, laughs, love, light and anything else I pull from whatever I currently have at hand.  It helps me find my quiet space that I so desperately need in this wired world, where I hear nothing but the sound of the pages turn as I tear through yet another discovery.

Literacy is so important. I work in my daily life to improve literacy in elementary school students as a volunteer. That, I will share with you at a later date and time.

For now, keep reading and share with me what’s new on your shelf.


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