Branching out

I have decided that I am going to follow a dream of mine. What? Not children’s books? Those being published are a dream as well. However, I am going to start doing some freelance writing. After talking to a near and dear friend of mine, who is also a journalist, I am going to expand some.

Why? Well, it helps me hone my craft in other areas. It will make my writing tighter and more efficient. Plus, if I am writing non-fiction, it gives my creative side a little time to rest and there is no telling what I will come up with next.

It also helps me out income wise. Never a bad thing in this economy.

Who else has branched out. Or did you branch into book writing? I would love to hear your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Branching out

  1. I read this post and had to laugh! One of my posts from today is about crossing over from short story writing and a journalism background to authoring a non-fiction book. It was a huge leap for me, but one I’m glad I took. I encourage you to grow in your craft and flex your creative muscles.

    Good luck to you!


  2. Good luck. One person I know has successfully transitioned into writing full time is Devon Ellington. Her blog is called INK IN MY COFFEE. One thing that makes her successful is being able to write about anything. Keep us posted.

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