Productivity Boosting

I have been noticing a trend in my productivity. If I am at home, I just don’t have any lately. There are too many distractions. For a writer, that is like the of death. Admittedly, I am pretty confident when I say that many of us look for distractions when we feel that the quill is working as well as we would like. Or to avoid things, like editing, filling in the story so that you get more than the gist of it.

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Today? I am writing this little ditty from a Starbucks. Tuesday? Dilworth Coffee–a local joint with amazing coffee. Yesterday? My friends office. She is a paralegal working for one attorney. It was quiet, peaceful and ultra productive. How productive? I wrote 5 blogs, edited and posted them in less than two hours.

That my friends is a rock and roll moment.

Now, I have to redo my house. Or redo my mindset. What do I keep finding that is so distracting? Many things. Laundry, vacuuming, the window I look out is dirty and needs to be cleaned. Anything! Guess I need to get started on my spring cleaning and just get over it. Ignore my house and not my work.

It really is difficult though. I think part of it is the solitude we experience as a writer. No one there. No real background noises. The only life is the sounds of the birds chirping and my fingers pounding the keys. That being said, I will make myself a list here and now to try and follow to keep me focused, because my husbands eyes may start to cross when he sees my coffee bill.

  • Remember that my house is also my office and that I have set work hours in the morning.
  • Keep those set hours.
  • Make a timesheet?  So that I keep track of my writing.
  • Set goals, such as word counts.
  • When I feel stuck, free-write. It will get the juices flowing.
  • Support my friends in the writing community who are out there doing the same thing, day in, day out.
  • Blog here more often.  I put this site on my business cards for a reason. No slacking!

That’s it for now. Let’s see how I work it all out.


One thought on “Productivity Boosting

  1. I had to leave my house to get some editing done, too. And then I found I was drinking a lot of coffee. Which made me want to smoke, so then instead of editing I thought about how I’d like a cigarette.

    Those who must procrastinate will always find a way. Always! 🙂

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