A form letter is better than nothing….

Well, I finally heard back from the agent regarding my book. A nice form letter that says “you aren’t the right fit”, “keep trying”, etc., etc., etc.  Believe it or not, I am not upset at all.

It was good to get that letter. At least someone out there read what I wrote and gave me something tangible to push me harder.  My resolve has only gotten stronger.  I believe in myself and I will make it. Writing is in my soul, it leads me places deep inside my imagination and makes me feel alive and vital.

One of these days, I will walk into a bookstore and pick up a copy of my book. You just wait and see. Because I will keep working harder, working better and tweaking along the way, until the day that I get the acceptance letter in the mail.

What will I do then?  I will keep on writing. Because a writers work is never done.


2 thoughts on “A form letter is better than nothing….

  1. I found rejections to be at least a form of acknowledgement that I was actually producing work. After that, I found it to be a huge boost to get personalized rejections! Keep shooting for that next level. (I’m still looking for an agent, but have had a few close calls, enough to keep me writing.)

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