Writing and happy

I’m happy. Funny how when you say a word over and over, it sounds odd, slightly off key. But, that’s how my thinking has been. Off key. Forced. Just like my writing. There are other words. Contrived. Trite. Stilted. Rigid. Soulless.

Yeah, it sucks.

Change in routine has been making my writing not only better, but more organic. It is once again flowing seamlessly. You could say that my creative juices are finally flowing again, instead of trickling. Writing makes me human. Pent up emotions are released, creative angst flows out of my body and becomes tangible. My vast imagination takes hold of whatever daydreams I have been carrying around with me and makes them into something concrete.

Words. Those words are concrete. Solid, meant to be busted with the sledge hammer of editing. Only to be made smooth again, by patching or removing and laying new cement to dry perfectly.

Or until I get the urge to bust it again….


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