Writing: Work versus Pleasure

I write for pleasure as well as for work. There are times that the work writing, which I love, takes over so much t that I don’t want to do it; since I am missing out writing more creatively. It’s all creative, don’t get me wrong, but it’s the part of my brain that my imagination runs wild in that whines.

My happiest times are when I am weaving a new storyline. The actual process of putting it together and letting the words flow organically and unadulterated. Before the editing. Everything is fresh, fun and it’s at this point in the creative process that you don’t have to worry about punctuation, grammar, and whether you need a semi-colon here or a comma there.

Tonight, I am writing for work and trying to make it as pleasurable as possible. Throwing in creative twists and turns, while editing out the excess and unnecessary.

How do you do it? When it’s down to the nitty gritty and you need to edit the dickens out of it and not lose your mind?


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