Experts on writing

There have been quite a few podcasts, periscopes, etc., telling people “how to become a better writer.” I’ve listened to a few and they’ve left out the most important things a writer needs to know. The only thing these “experts” have discussed were “apps” to make writing easier. I thought that to be a writer, you had to write.

An app does not make the writing process easier. If an app could do this, we would all be writers. Of course, Stephen King would also be killing us off in his books and Hemingway would be rolling over in his grave.

Writing is not easy. There are days writing is torture. Yet we sit down and write, and then we write some more. We write because we have to write. When we’re happy with our writing, we take a moment and breathe a sigh of relief. It’s a vicious cycle.

Reading is also part of the writing process. If you don’t read, or don’t have time, it is time to stop writing. Reading helps writers develop the skills, or as King calls it, the toolbox, we need to become better writers.

An app will never give us the skills we need to be a better writer. The only thing we can do is sit down and write. When we’re done writing, we write some more, and we keep writing every single day.

I haven’t been writing every day and my own writing has suffered. The tools in my toolbox are rusty. I am a writer and I need to take my own advice.


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