The Race to Write

I’ve been pushing myself to write more. That’s always what a writer wants to do, write more and more. Well, we want the freedom to be able to write as much as want, but life dictates otherwise — bills have to be paid, groceries bought, children cared for, laundry folded — there’s just so much.

That being said, I’m trying an experiment. Let’s call it a social experiment where I’ll test the waters of my dismal focus and push myself to produce more than I have in the past few months.

Instead of using my desktop with the fancy monitor and cushy chair, I’ve reverted back to using my laptop. I unplug it and whatever charge I have on the battery, I have to race it until the red warning pops up that tells me I’m going to lose everything and I need to either plug-in or shut down. Then, and only then, can I say I’m finished for the time being.

It’s like a writing sprint and I’m the only participant. I started this blog post with 27% battery life and am working to beat the clock and get something online that is relevant to what I’m doing and which might be relevant to other writers.

Watching my fingers fly across the keyboard is a beautiful thing as it forces me into a position where I don’t have time to dilly-dally nor dawdle. The only thing I can do is write and I’ll write like the demons of hell are chasing after me in order to get the words out of me and into a form that’s ready for reading.

My husband has said it’s like watching an F1 race on the keyboard. As I push myself to focus and press on, instead of meander around the internet, I am less distracted by social media and just one more website that I need to visit.

I imagine I’m in a cafe, sitting in one of my favorite cities, and the only thing I have to do is write. Of course, I wish some of the words I were writing were like Hemingway, but a girl can dream. That being said, I do tend to write short, terse sentences, but I prefer not to get lost in the more flowery language, instead I create descriptions that are raw and perfunctory.

12% — do or die time. This is where I end for now. I’ll plug-in to charge and work on my chapter, hoping I get to 2k words tonight. Maybe I’ll give myself a percentage I need to stop at as the charge increases, who knows. If I do, I’m sure I’ll tell you about it.



One thought on “The Race to Write

  1. Interesting trick. I can relate to how easy it is to let life take over. It takes a strong love for the craft to push through that which you clearly have, and which I have to admire.

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